Invicta S-type low chassis 4 1⁄2 litre «Simplon»

  • Invicta 1931

A car combining American levels of flexibility and performance with European quality and roadholding is the 1931 Invicta 4 1⁄2-Litre S-Type Low Chassis Sports ‹Simplon›. Simplon’ has known history from 1931 to date and has been extensively campaigned throughout Europe, participating in some 70 events such as the Mille Miglia (2002, 2003, 2004); Rallye des Alpes (2002-2006); Gran Premio Nuvolari (2003); Rallye Sanremo Rally (2003-2007); Grand Prix Suisse, Bern (2009); Rallye Solitude (2011); and the Gaisberg Hill Climb (2014). ‘Simplon’ has lapped Brooklands at more than 108mph and was once owned by Tyrone Power.